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Pile your downloads together and seamlessly utilize Internet capacity

Pile your downloads together and seamlessly utilize Internet capacity

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Program license: Free

Program by: Mobile Action

Works under: Windows


Program license

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Program by

Mobile Action

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Syncing a mobile device to a PC is useful for transferring files and linking accounts and applications. Usually, syncing is done with a cable or Bluetooth connection. But this unfortunately requires close proximity between machines, and with Bluetooth connections, there are issues with lost connections and false starts. Also, sync cables can be susceptible to damage or be lost, rendering a mobile device inoperable in terms of connecting to a one-paired PC. Android Sync Manager WiFi addresses these connectivity issues by replacing them with a simple WiFi connection between mobile device and a personal computer.


Android Sync Manager WiFi allows for all the benefits of a connection between mobile device and PC with the same connectivity one would find with the factory-packaged sync cable. With this program, users can transfer and save messages, contacts, emails, photo, video, music, applications and all other files from a wireless Internet connection.

Android Sync Manager WiFi is a small size, making installation rather quick, and it utilizes very little RAM to run parallel to other programs. Once the program is running, users can upload or download files between mobile device and PC. Android Sync Manager WiFi can also allow for the backing up of mobile files, settings and applications. This comes in handy when devices are destroyed or when upgrading to a new model and the user wants to retain the contents of the older one.

Android Sync Manager WiFi isn't barred from working on different Android devices. This program works with Android's software, making it compatible with a diverse collection of mobile devices to any PC running on Windows. Using a PIN code, the connection can be set between the two points using only the wireless Internet connection to bridge the gap.


Android Sync Manager WiFi runs rather quickly. There's no frustration in the initial install, and the process of syncing is fairly straightforward. The process of syncing from mobile device to PC is also free of frustration.

Proximity is still a bit of an issue during the process of syncing. Using the connection from a wireless Internet router, the mobile device set to sync acts as another connected point in the map of the local area connection. Because of this, there is a limit between where the mobile device can be in relation to the PC. The stronger the signal is, the faster files transfer. Weakening the strength of the signal hinders its progress.

  • Pros:
  • Small file size

    Runs fast

    Provides options to connectivity without extra hardware.

    • Cons:
    • Limited range between points affects syncing

This download is no longer available. This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for some other reason.

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